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Trutech Products- One Step Station To All Types Of Transformers

Trutech Products is a well-known name in the field of transformers manufacturing. They have been into this product line for over 20 years now.

Transformer Making A Humming Sound? Take It As A Sign

It doesn’t matter whether the transformer is installed in an industrial landscape or in a residential one; the complaints of humming sounds coming from it are quite common.

Necessary Precautionary Measures Before Using A Transformer

After purchasing a certain type of transformer, the first thing you need to perform is a complete check of the transformer.

Which Product Ensures Electrical Safety And Operational Efficiency Altogether?

We are always on the search of things that provide more than one advantage, but many of the items fail to do so.

What Does Regulation Mean In Transformers?

When it comes to technological devices, Transformers are referred to as the most useful inventions. 

Step Down Transformers: An Essential Device For Domestic Use

You can find a myriad of transformers in the market, each having their distinct use and principle of working. Many Transformer Manufacturers would try to sell their product to you, saying that it is the best and most efficient for your particular purpose.

Why One Should Carefully Select The Location To Place A Transformer?

A transformer is a heavy duty appliance that is made to supply current from one circuit to another and it also aids in the protection of other devices connected to it.

How To Inspect Transformer After Being Delivered?

Have you ever received a faulty product that you ordered online? If yes, you are not the only one. People often are heard complaining that the transformer quality was lower than what they were promised.

Secure The Hospital's Electricity Systems With Isolation Transformer

Hospitals have a lot of electronic devices such as blood gas analyzer, medical glucose monitor, electronic brain wave machine, medical heart monitors, etc. These devices are used for testing the patients and provide them support.

How To Avoid Transformer Overloading?

A transformer is an electrical device which helps in transferring electric current from one circuit to another. In almost every industry that has electrical devices, a transformer is used.

ONAN And ONAF Methods Of Cooling Transformer

transformer can be considered as an item that safeguards other electrical appliances and transfers electricity from one circuit to another by managing the voltage amount.

Why Don't Transformers Work With A DC Supply?

Transformers help in transferring electric power from one end to another end with the use of a magnetic field as a medium.

Some FAQs Related To Control Transformers And Their Answers

The transformer is an absolutely necessary product in many industries as it transfers the current from one circuit to another without causing the change in voltage.

Features And Applications Of Rectifier Transformer

Rectifier Transformers have a unique design and are required to handle the direct current and current losses. Trutech Products is one of the leading Rectifier Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai and Pune.

Insulating Materials Used In A Transformer

For a better performance of a transformer, the quality of insulation becomes crucial. Insulation materials used in a transformer also determine the durability and stability of a transformer.

Transformer – A Device To Deal With Electrical Faults

A transformer is an electrical device used for transforming electrical power from one circuit to another. Its constant working doesn’t make any change in the frequency level.

Know The Reliability Of The Transformer Before Investing In The Same

A transformer is a static device that is responsible for the smooth and hassle-free supply of power from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction.

Transformer – A Device To Depend On For Power Supply

A Transformer is an imperative device that is responsible for the smooth power supply throughout the industry.

Considerations To Keep In Mind While Using Transformer To Stay Safe

A transformer is an important device that is a must in your industry to keep the voltage supply in check and to run a smooth and hassle-free production line.

What Is The Necessity Of A Transformer?

No doubt every one of us aware of this static device, known as a transformer. It is used for transmitting power from one voltage to another.

Don’t Panic When Your Transformers Get Warm – Here’s Why?

A Transformer is an important part of our lives. Nowadays, it has equal importance in the industry as any other machine, as it supplies power to run the devices smoothly.

Why Is Replacement Of Faulty Transformer Not Always An Ideal Solution?

A Transformer is an outstanding device that performs the function of transmitting power from one circuit to another and works on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Control Transformer – Working And Its Specifications

A Transformer has a wide demand in today’s market and out of all its types, control transformer is the one, which is mainly designed to use in the electric circuits that require stable voltage supply with a low power rating.

Here Is How An Isolation Transformers Can Serves You With A Lot Of Benefits

An isolation transformer is an electrical device that is used to transfer the power from an alternating current to other devices. This device is mainly used with the aim to provide protection against electric shocks.

Isolation Transformer – A Device To Filter The Noise From Power Lines

Do you know the noise in the transformer is the main cause of its damage? Yes, you heard that right. Noises and vibrations in the transformers may not only damage the device, but also affects the working.

Reasons To Choose Auto Transformer For Your Industrial Applications

The transformers are the electrical device that is known for its various application uses since the ages.

What Makes A Step-Down Transformer An Ideal Choice?

A Step-down transformer is a device that is mainly used for converting the high-voltage, low current power into low voltage, high current power.

Explore The Range Of Industrial Transformers Meant To Drive Best Results

The 2 decades old experience with the global presence and their quality is the core of their global image.

A Sneak Peak Into An Ideal Transformer For Integrated Industrial Applications

Transformers are meant to define your electrical power transmission and distribution applications to minimize the wastage. It uplifts the application base to provide high results during the operation of the device.

Best Features Of Control Transformers Manufactured By Trutech Products

Transformers are the need of every industry involved in delivering heavy-duty products to the customers. Looking for reliable Control Transformer Manufacturers in India?

Explore The Vast Range Of Transformers Manufactured By Trutech Products

Incepted in 1997Trutech Products is the company known for manufacturing the widest range of the application driven transformers and AC & DC Chokes.

Are Transformers Really Necessary?

No doubt, you heard millions of times that a transformer is a must but the question is why? Are they really necessary?

Points To Consider While Purchasing A Control Transformer

A Control transformer is very important for a circuit that requires a constant voltage with a low power or volt-amp rating.

Why Isolation Transformers Are The Best Choice For the Industrial Purpose?

Isolation Transformer is the type of transformers used with AC power to raise the low voltages. However, they are also used in circuits to reduce noise and isolate power loads.

An Introduction To Isolation Transformer

An isolation transformer is used to transfer electric power from the source of AC (alternating current)The electrical isolation transformer's accurate measurements protect equipment..

Why Is An Isolation Transformer Different And Better?

An Isolation Transformer is one of the best types of a transformer that helps to give protection from the electric shock to your device and to the manpower work in your industry.

What Is The Importance Of A Transformer In An Industrial Sector?

In an industrial sector, big hydraulic plants and machinery work on a constant basis that requires a heavy amount of current to perform its function.

AC Chokes Saves From The Damage Of Input Part

Everyone needs an AC during the summer season due to the high degree of warm weather, today it has become a necessary part. If AC doesn’t work, so it creates a problem.

Why There Is Need Of Isolation Transformer In The Workplace?

Transformers are widely demanded in the industries because of its good qualities which enhance the power of electricity and save the appliances from the damages.

Why Do You Need To Choose Control Transformer?

A control transformer is used for an electric circuit which requires constant current and voltage. This will work without any hurdle in your workplace and always increase the productivity of your business.

Trutech Products Is The Best Manufacturers Offer Transformers in India

In our day to day, life power is one of the most crucial components. Power is needed for the smooth functioning of the industrial, commercial, and residential purpose.

How To Select the Best Transformer?

While picking a transformer, there are two essential concerns: the load and the application. A few elements must be assessed deliberately while settling on the decision, to guarantee that the needs of both essential concerns are met.

The Use of Step Down Transformer

Transformer is a machine for expanding or diminishing the voltage of a broken electric indicator. The transmission and supply of voltage over long separations won’t be conceivable without this gadget.

Significance Of Transformers For Urban Life In India

Transformers are electromagnetic parts that are in charge of offering power supply circuit of a framework. They transmit exchange current starting with one circuit then onto the next by means of electromagnetic incitement.

Choose the Best Transformer for You

When it comes to choosing Transformer, there is no dearth of options that confuses the buyers, and in most cases, they end up investing in the wrong solution.