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Insulating Materials Used In A Transformer

For a better performance of a transformer, the quality of insulation becomes crucial. Insulation materials used in a transformer also determine the durability and stability of a transformer. The basic factor in determining the insulating material of a transformer is that it should not react with the insulating oil. Transformer Manufacturers use various materials for the purpose of insulation. Proper utilization of insulating materials is essential for the effective functioning of the transformer. Let’s take a look at the materials used for insulation:



  • Insulating Oil - It performs two important functions in the transformer. Its first function is to act as an electrical insulator and its other function is to work as a coolant to dissipate heat losses in the windings and the cores. It is not needed in low voltage transformers since heat released in them is very low.
  • Insulating Paper - It is made up of vegetable fibres. Obtained from plants like manila, cotton and hemp, this fibrous raw material attains great electric strength when merged in oil.
  • Pressboard - This is also made with vegetable fibres and contains cellulose. They can be moulded into any shaped according to the needs of the transformer. It used in mechanical, thermal and electrical designing of transformers.

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