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ONAN And ONAF Methods Of Cooling Transformer

A transformer can be considered as an item that safeguards other electrical appliances and transfers electricity from one circuit to another by managing the voltage amount. It might be called an excellent device, but it shall not be referred to as ‘perfect’ because it also suffers many losses. Through this blog, one of the prominent Isolation Transformer Manufacturers: Trutech Products will tell you what are the two types of cooling methods used for ensuring the proper working of the device.

Cooling Methods In Oil Immersed Transformers -

ONAN And ONAF Methods Of Cooling TransformerONAN - It is short for Oil Natural Air Natural and in this method, the heat that gets generated in the core and winding of the device is transferred to the oil. Then, the heated oil flows upwards and reaches the radiator. The place that is now vacant gets filled with the cooled oil from the radiator. The heat generated in the oil will then dissipate into the atmosphere because of the natural air flow around the transformer. With this method, the oil present in the oil keeps circulating because of the natural convection and dissipating heat. It is an ideal technique to be used in the transformers up to which have near about 30 MVA.

ONAF – With the method of Oil Natural Air Forced, the heat dissipation can be improvised by applying forced air on the dissipating surface. This technique is used because forced air provides faster heat dissipation than the natural one. The mounted fans near the radiator help in cooling the device sooner and is used mainly in big transformers up to about 60 MVA.

After getting the desired information, you may invest in buying a transformer that is reliable and durable. We being one of the zealous Transformer Manufacturers In India can provide you with multiple varieties of the device and assure you that they will prove to be a fruitful investment.

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