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Transformer Making A Humming Sound? Take It As A Sign

It doesn’t matter whether the transformer is installed in an industrial landscape or in a residential one; the complaints of humming sounds coming from it are quite common. Initially, it could be a strange thing as there are no moving parts in this device and they still make vibratory sounds just like motors or generators. Being one of the leading Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai, we have often resolved these problems by delivering excellent transformers. However, it is important to find out the reason behind it so as to resolve the issue.

What Makes The Sound?

The phenomenon that causes this sound is known as magnetostriction. The alternating current produces even flux but the direct component also creates some fluxes. This extra magnetic flux attracts the core structure of the transformer creating the buzzing or humming noise.

There can be other reasons for this noise:Auto Transformer

  • Loose core or grounding plate
  • Abnormal changes in source current frequency leading to a resonance of radiators and box
  • Defective core physical structure mechanism
  • Poor grounding or inadequate grounding plates causing noise due to static discharge

Simple Tips To Avoid This Sound:

You can take precautions during mounting or installation to minimize the sound. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Mounting the unit on a solid surface will minimize the mechanical movement of the device while working
  • Tighten the bolts on enclosures as loose parts will definitely vibrate later
  • Following the guidelines of the manufacturers of the device is the best thing you can do

Trutech Products is recognized as one of the eminent Transformer Manufacturers in Pune. Our company has managed to earn the trust of several prestigious organizations in the market. Buy the products right now by giving us a call on the given number.

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