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Why Don't Transformers Work With A DC Supply?

Transformers help in transferring electric power from one end to another end with the use of a magnetic field as a medium. It is usually counted as a disadvantage that a transformer works with only AC Supply but not with a DC supply. There is a reason behind this and in this article; we being the leading Transformer Manufacturers would love to share with you.

The principle behind the working of the transformer is mutual induction. In which, the current in one coil must keep changing uniformly. If Direct Current (DC) Supply will be given, the current would not change as the supply will be continuous and the transformer will ultimately stop working.

In fact, the DC Supply might cause the transformer to burn as the winding resistance is very small in the device and with the direct current, it may draw a high value of it. That is why it is suggested not to use DC supply with transformers.

Difference between AC and DC Supply:

Both types of current, AC and DC, flow in a circuit. But the difference among the both is that Direct Current (DC) flows in only one direction and on the other hand, Alternating Current (AC) changes its direction of flow in some intervals. The voltage in AC circuits changes too; it gets reversed time-to-time because of the change in direction of the current.

All these points must have explained that why DC supply is not used with transformers and if used, it can result in something dangerous. To buy the quality device, contact Trutech Products - one of the trusted Transformer Manufacturers in India. You can chat with our executives or call on the given numbers to discuss your details.

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